Original and Exquisite Works Since 1965

Avis Akers Cherichetti

Avis has been an active potter for almost 60 years, exploring various ceramic techniques. Studying pottery at Stetson University in 1962, she realized that was the way she wanted to spend her life. She participates in numerous workshops and classes annually, continuing her adventure in clay. She has made hand built pots and pots on the potter's wheel. She's fired pots in electric, gas and oil fueled kilns as well as pits, saggars and trash cans. Says Avis, "As I continue to design and refine the objects that I make, I find a rhythm and joy in life."

If one word could describe her work it would be the word "Diverse" — That includes work as well as studio spaces. Some pots are meant to be used and some pots are nonfunctional. Avis makes pots for birds and flowers and pots for people and pets. Some pots are for decorating homes. Any of these pots might be high temperature fired stoneware or lower temperature fired Raku or Saggar pieces.

Diversity in the creative environment is very much part of the process. Avis has a studio at home at Honey Hill Farm in Granby, CT. She also participates in a pottery cooperative called Expressions Pottery Workshop in E. Granby, CT., where she taught adult classes.

Avis participates annually in Granby Artists Open Studios, Granby, CT. She was awarded a 2002 Individual Artist Fellowship from the Greater Hartford Arts Council, Hartford, CT. Her work is represented in the permanent collection of the Slater Museum in Norwich, CT.